Friday Roundup – 10.20.23 Edition

Each and every Friday — I outline a few of the articles and/or books that I have read over the last week or two that are worth taking a look at.

Mind Shift: It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Think Like One by: Erwin Raphael McManus

Throughout his thirty years of work as a mindset expert and leadership coach, Erwin Raphael McManus has been obsessed with these questions: Why do some people succeed despite having all the odds stacked against them? How do others achieve the unthinkable, only to watch their lives slip away? Are there mental structures for failure and success?

McManus has come to realize that too many of us have “near-life” experiences. We almost pursue our dreams. We almost make the decision that changes everything. We are always one choice away. If we want to live without regret, we need to make a mind shift—trading beliefs that limit our potential for ones that help us move toward optimal performance and pursue the success of being fully alive. We must move from a life of obligation to a life of intention.

In Mind Shift, McManus brings together twelve mental frameworks that have helped some of the most accomplished people on earth create internal structures of success. Among them:

• You have to choose between acceptance and uniqueness. If you are addicted to affirmation, you will become what others want you to be rather than who you were created to become.

• You don’t need an audience. It’s what you do in private that makes you who you are.

• Talent is a hallucinogen. It will make you believe that hard work and discipline are for everyone else.

Sharing experiences from entrepreneurs, artists, professional athletes, and his own career, McManus shows us how to transform our thinking—and, in turn, transform our lives.

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Live On Purpose

So often we live our lives drifting, getting by, trying to find comfort and pleasure, doing what we need to do, doing things out of habit, getting lost in the busywork, going through the motions, getting caught up in our thoughts, getting lost in distractions, trying to stick to something but then reverting to habitual patterns, dealing with one crisis after another, putting out fires and sweeping up messes, dealing tiredness and stress and depression and anxiety, trying to keep our heads above water, trying to make ends meet, falling behind and getting overwhelmed, struggling and not wanting to face our problems, getting mired in a pit of neverending tasks, losing our days and weeks because they all blend together.

This is the human condition, and it is beautiful.

But what would it be like to live with purpose? To have meaning in the work that we do, and to structure our lives with that purpose in mind, and with the most meaningful relationships and activities?

What would it be like to live on purpose?

To have intention to our actions, have a purpose to drive us, to put everything we have into everything we do?

The more we live on purpose and do our best in every single thing we do, the more meaningful our lives will be.

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Eight ways to explore your dark side (and tap into insane energy)

Tapping into our ‘dark side’ represents one of our greatest opportunities for living a life of enjoyment, satisfaction and drive.

But what does your ‘dark side’ look like?

I explain it as living authentically — as we were supposed to live it.

Most of us operate within invisible boundaries created by society and our own thoughts. These boundaries ensure we conform and fit in like well-behaved sheep.

We live to please others, get approval, and try not to rock the boat.

But we also make ourselves miserable this way because we deny a whole other part of our real selves.

This is the part we hide because society frowns on it.

Films have created representations of this dark side of human nature in many forms:

  • Batman
  • Tyler Durden
  • Superman
  • Patrick Bateman
  • The Incredible Hulk

Though it needn’t be that we choose evil when exploring this ‘darker’ side, we call it the ‘dark side’ because it’s viewed as negative by a society that wants us all alike.

Yeah, how about screw that?

Rediscovering our dark side simply means exploring the part of us that goes against the grain.

And really, it’s the only way to get what you really want in life, and to live it with passion.

Here are some ways we can do this, and access a deeper, more authentic power, that few will ever know:

Let go of your ‘identity.’

Many of us create identities of who we think we are in the mind.

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What Does It Mean To Be Wealthy?

We’ve all heard stories of people encountering the world’s greatest riches, ending in either tragedy or triumph. Those of Annie, the struggling orphan whose charm ushered her into a life of privilege and wealth. Those of Cinderella, the mistreated servant whose resilience and character led her to wealth. Even those of King Midas, whose greed and desire for wealth left him tragically alone and impoverished. 

But why do we read these stories? Why are we so devoted to these characters, even when we know they’re helpless? What do we want?

The truth is, we all want to be rich and make money– and as soon as possible. We read these tales to try and mimic, or avoid, the behaviors of those we read about. We try to learn from them, to try and encounter money like they do, and most importantly, to try and be wealthy like them. 

We’ve been brought up to believe wealth can give us certain types of freedom, something that no other possession can bring. Freedom from depending on others. Freedom to explore and use your time the way you want to. Freedom to do what you want.

Yet, there’s more to wealth than this idea of “financial freedom”.

Being wealthy means more than just having a lot of money. Wealth is having the wisdom to make smart, informed decisions about your desires. Wealth is well-being and staying content with your situation. Wealth is gratitude, safety, comfort – and so much more.  

In order to truly gain wealth, we must understand everything that comes with it, and be in tune with what it is that we truly want. Asking questions such as ‘How can I make money fast?’  or  

‘How can I get rich?’ won’t suffice. We must dig deeper. We must look past the money, and reflect on ourselves. Is it the money that we want, or the peace of mind that comes with it? Is it the fame that we want, or the self-sufficiency that results?

The Stoics learned how to answer these questions, but we must learn for ourselves. This post aims to answer some of those questions, and teach you how to apply the ancient Stoic concepts of wealth to your life, no matter how much money or debt you have.

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Hope you enjoy these articles and books. Have a great rest of your Friday an amazing weekend!