About Daniel Kaufman

Daniel Kaufman

I am an entrepreneur, mentor, and marketing consultant with a passion for helping businesses realize their potential and accelerate their growth.

I have navigated the complexities of starting and running businesses. I have experienced the joys of success, the lessons of failure, and the resilience that lies between. This journey has not only cultivated my business acumen but has also given me a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face in the contemporary business landscape.

I am committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. I firmly believe that sharing knowledge and experiences helps budding entrepreneurs navigate their paths with confidence. I have had the privilege of mentoring many start-ups, helping them to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

I leverage my extensive industry experience and the latest marketing strategies to help businesses increase their visibility, improve customer engagement, and boost their sales. I specialize in crafting marketing plans that align with my clients’ business objectives, focusing on sustainable growth and profitability.

Above all, I am a relentless learner, constantly evolving my knowledge and skills to stay abreast of the rapidly changing business environment. I firmly believe that success comes from continuous learning, strategic adaptability, and a relentless drive to achieve one’s goals.

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My Journey


An entrepreneur from the beginning - running a paper route, shovelling driveways (there is always a lot in Buffalo).  I developed early on an interest in learning, figuring things out and being able to see patterns in things.  I didn’t know then exactly what I wanted to do as a career - but I did know I wanted my own business.


From 2001 - 2010 - I took over my dad’s furniture repair franchise and was running the day to day operations, and wearing all of the hats.  I started testing direct mail campaigns and landed large contracts with one of the local hospitals, Wolverine Worldwide & Allstate to name a few.  In 2006 we sold that business to a local carpet cleaning & disaster restoration company and I went with the business and continued managing the furniture repair business, while also taking over the disaster restoration day to day.  In 2006 & 2007 - both divisions doubled their revenue year over year.


Late 2007 I left that ‘job’ and went to work for a financial services company.  Here I got access to some of the Greats in Marketing (Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss) and this is really where my marketing career started and expanded.  I moved up in the company from an inside sales advisor to VP of Marketing.  While working full time - the furniture repair experience came calling.  I started having some of my bigger clients contacting me and asking me if I was still available.  This is where I started my own furniture repair business on the side and grew that as a side hustle to an in demand company with a shop with 2 full time and 2 part time employees.  Marketing was the driver for that growth which included digital marketing.


I sold the furniture repair business  in late 2011 as I soon realized that fixing furniture and breathing chemicals was not something I wanted to do for an extended period of time and started out in freelancing.  I already had a couple of clients and continued to expand from there - specializing in media buying & consulting.


Over the last 13 years I have worked with hundreds of businesses either in a marketing or a consulting capacity, with well over $300,000,000 in managed ad spend and working with small local businesses with small budgets of only a few hundred dollars a month all the way up to millions of dollars per month.


I am on a mission to help small business owners & entrepreneurs to have not only a 

thriving business as well as a thriving & fulfilling life.  This starts with building your business around your life, not the other way around.  You can have both, you don’t have to work what seems like 24/7.