Growth is more than just income, it is about consistently improving each and every day.  

Here are some of my best resources for growing


Autonomy is all about having the freedom to make your own choices and live your life on your own terms. When you have autonomy, you’re not beholden to anyone else’s rules or expectations, and you have the flexibility to create a life that works for you.

In this article i will explain how autonomy promotes individual growth, organizational effectiveness, and the flourishing of societies.


Similar to Autonomy – sovereignty is about taking control of your life and your destiny, and refusing to let external circumstances dictate your path. When you embrace sovereignty, you become the master of your own fate, with the power to create the life you want.

In this article I will explain how you can lead a sovereign life with self-governance and personal empowerment with ownership of one’s actions and emotions.


Mirroring “Serenity – Mastery Through Meditation” is about harnessing the transformative power of mindfulness and tranquility to shape your life and your future. It rejects the notion of allowing external influences to disrupt your inner peace or guide your journey. When you practice meditation, you become the architect of your own well-being, possessing the capability to craft the serene life you aspire for.

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Top Books

Being an avid reader – this will continue to be updated regularly with the most recent books that I have been reading as it correlates to growth along with some of my highlights of the books.

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Top Podcasts

Podcasts are an amazing resource especially for people that prefer to listen rather than read (or have a lot of windshield time).  Here I outline some of the top podcasts that I listen to along with the top episodes.

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Tools That I Use

I always get asked what tools do I use during my day.  Here I will outline the top tools and apps that I use on a regular basis in my various businesses and personally.

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